Mike Ferriss admits Xenu is part of Scientology

Pat: Who is Xenu? Who or what is Xenu?
Mike: Well, it’s nothing really. It’s something that is put out to try and offend us.
Pat: What does that mean?
Mike: Exactly that. It’s like…they put it out in cartoon form and they say it’s a belief of Scientology, but it has no place in the belief system of Scientology.

*Audio clip of LR Hubbard talking about Xemu/Xenu played*

Pat: All right. So what you’re saying is, Xenu is a part of the religion, but something that you don’t want to talk about.
Mike: Sure.

Download the file from: http://www.mediafire.com/?mnwgqyiecmu

Thanks for helping the cause Mikey
Mike Ferriss hugging Anon
(I know this is an old photo, but it’s so great)


Video from May Auckland Scientology Protest

Go to YouTube to check out the threatening legal letter from Scientology’s lawyers in the sidebar!


May Christchurch and Auckland Anonymous Protests


A windy day, but nine protesters including some first-timers in Christchurch. And lolly cake too! Christchurch discussion thread

Seven anons in Auckland, distributing three or four hundred flyers. Scientology’s been busy, sending legal threats to three anons recently. “All have recommitted themselves to staying on board till the job is done.” And the legal letters were a great example to show the public how “the cult tries to bully people into silence.” Cheers, Scientology!


May protest this Saturday!

A reminder that the monthly protest is on this Saturday the 16th!

Auckland: 11am, corner of Queen and Custom Streets

Christchurch: 2pm in Cathedral Square


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Auckland Anti-Scientology April Protest Video


March 14 2009 Protest Reports and Auckland Video


“9 Anons arrived. And I want to say a big thank you to every one of them. It`s a dirty job but someone has to do it. These people are all genuine heroes. Not only are they willing to go out there and stand up for human rights, they are also willing to risk being fairgamed and intimidated by a fanatical cult. 
There was a St Patrick’s day parade going up Queen St for about half an hour which meant there were a lot of people gathered to see our signs and be handed our flyers. We also had five citizens come and join us for short spells. Donning masks and handing flyers out. I can’t give an exact count, but somewhere between five and six hundred flyers went out today.” (Ididntcomeback in Auckland thread
Scientologist Volunteer Minister Rita showed up and “took photos of us and engaged in a bit of cussing off camera.” Was everybody else off practising their table tennis for the exciting Ideal Org fundraising tournament today? 
Pretty low key effort today, but we reached many, as Christchurch is very busy with people in town for the Flower Show. SO many people saying, Oh I know about scientology being a scam’, ’save your fliers, I know about it’, ‘is that Tom Cruise’s weird religion’ ‘Oh, poor Katie being on that de-tox programme’ …. etc. Also, still receiving very positive comments about our two page spread from last year. Another awesome thing is that we are being recognised by the mask - mainly by tourists - but they know who we are and what we stand for, AND they are right behind us, and don’t mind telling us. 
Was totally awesome to have the response like that, especially when a year ago when I first started protesting, people didn’t really know about it and now they do! (OnceBitten’s raid report


Protest this Saturday March 14th!

Got cult  
Auckland kicks it off - 11:00 am Saturday 14th on the corners of Queen and Customs streets. Flyers, banners and masks provided. Please bring cameras…video especially. RSVP here.  
And Christchurch starts at 1 pm in Cathedral Square -
planning here.
After the protest you can upload and tag your photos and videos in the multimedia hub at Kiwianon Ning. The Ning now supports bulk importing (including title, captions and tags) from your Flickr account - you can do it here. Different ways to upload photos and videos, including by phone and email, are listed here.


February 14th Auckland protest video

Video by schisim


February 14 2009 Protest Reports!


Fantastic day today! We had music and signs, and so many people congratulated us, and even thanked us. People really curious and mentioned the Press report …. asking questions and wanting to find out about Anonymous. The general questions were, “how can anyone get involved in something like Scientology??’ - it was great talking to them. [...] Great protest, great people, and good fun. (from Once Bitten)
More at the Christchurch thread on KiwiAnon forums
Despite the rain we had a great turnout. Started with 7 anons . but were joined by an Anon up from Christchurch and a newbie Anon from out of Auckland. Plus a female Anon who decided to renew her membership card. So 10 total. No scios made their presence known to us.
We handed out approximately 600 “Why I wear this mask” fliers. It was over 600. Not less. [...] Thanks to all who attended. We are having an effect. (from Ididntcomeback)
Auckland forum thread